rental terms & conditions

rental Terms of hire bikes Mallorca

  • The tenant agrees with the bike to be diligent thus the next tenant receives a perfect bike.
  • The tenant is obliged to secure the bicycle always with a lock. At night, the bicycle must be parked in a secure, lockable room. It is possible to adjust the bikes for free overnight in our bike station. Once the bike has left our offices it is located in the regulatory and liability to the tenant.
  • In case of theft of the bicycle the hirer is liable in the amount of the current retail price plus freight and "rental expanses" to the new delivery. The amount must be paid locally.
  • Our bikes are rented in a technically perfect and clean condition. Of these the tenant must convince himself during the handover of the bike. Defects must be reported immediately.
  • The bicycle is passed with a pump, speedmeter (roadbikes), a lock and spare tube with a saddlebag. In case of loss of pump, speedmeter, saddle bag or lock for a fee of € 12.00 perresolves, use of the tube 6.00 € (for 27,5+ 8,00 €). We ask to return the bicycles in clean condition. Would you not like to clean your rental bikes, we like to take this service for you. In this case we keep 10.00 of the deposit.
  • For damages caused by improper handling the tenant is liable. This caused repairs must be paid by the tenant on site. Seatposts must be inserted at least 1 cm below the lower intersection of seat and top tube.
  • For any repairs in foreign bike garages during the rental period, we assume no cost. Our garage is always open during our opening times.
  • There is no breakdown or pick up service. The tenant is responsible for himself in Mallorca. The tenant is responsible for liability claims against third parties.
  • Our prices are fixed prices. In case of early return of the bicycle for example due topain, bad weather, illness or other reasons no money will be refunded.
  • A 50% deposit is required upon reservation. Then the bike is reserved fix for the customer. The final payment is due 4 weeks before arrival. If the bicycle is not picked up, the payment will not be refunded. For cancellations our terms and conditions apply.
  • We hire our bikes only for a deposit of € 100,00 in cash (Roadbikes and 29er), E Bikes € 200,00, Fullsuspension  € 150,00. Trekkingbikes and MTB Hardtails € 50,00. Guests who are not accommodated in our partner hotels are requested to deposit an ID card. This deposit will be refunded if the bike is properly returned.
  • The delivery and return of the bikes takes place daily at our opening hours. 8.45 am - 11.00 am; 4.45 pm - 6.30 pm (Subject to change). If the bike is not returned at the end of the rental period, the full daily rental price will be charged. On the last of the rental days, the bikes are to be handed in until 6 pm.
  • For a fee of 17.50 per week and bike there is a possibility of insurance (all materialdamage, accident damage, etc. - not theft) to conclude. Tire and tube damage is not insured. The insurance includes a deductible amount of the deposit.