Freeride Majorca

Freeride on Majorca


When last winter my friend Stefan Röder, a editor in sport journalism, called and asked me ifI would be interested to write an article for the "Freeride Magazine" about Freeriding in Mallorca I agreed spontaneously.

After some freak weather conditions ala volcanic ash and snow in May, the photo sequencesin mid-May finally arrived in the box. The article we had finally completed in June.

Of course we do the tours by ourselfs. That's something you must do :)

Stefan has written during our stay on a road trip report about his personal feelings and"suffering" that you can read on the "Frosthelm website". 


The article appears in the October 2010 issue of the Freeride Magazin. In it you will find 6 tours that make the freerider heart beat faster. We have respected aware that the tours arecycable for most bikers. More difficult of course always goes. But in this case you often have to carry your bike up. For example, for departure from Galatzo to Estellencs, or from L'Ofredown through the Ravine de Biniariax to Soller. Also, the beautiful descent through the Portal de sa Costa on the Cami de Marroig, also in Soller. So you could infinitely more spectaculartours list.

As a photographer for the photo shoot I could win my good friend Matthias Söder(www.palmapix.com), I again want to thank you for the shots at this point. Real cool photosMatze !!

As announced in the Freeride Magazin you can download for free on vamos24 website andthe Frosthelmsite the GPS data of the tours described. See bottom right.

If you have any questions I am of course happy to assist you. Just call.

You can find the article in PDF format here.

Photos (27 pieces) of the shooting you will find in the gallery right. There are more photos atthe Infoboxsite also right in the gallery (24 pieces).

Important notice: All photos are copyright protected and may not be used without our permission to copy, distribute and used in any form.

In particular, I would like to thank the company Vaude, who has supported us with their bike wear.